Subtle Keylogger

Subtle Keylogger
Subtle KeyLogger
Commercial-grade keylogger designed for security and simplicity – one-click installer and a secure web interface from which you can monitor your target’s keyboard activity in real-time.

The free version features:

  • Real-time monitor of all keys typed by the remote target
  • Real-time monitor of the active window on the remote target
  • History of all the monitored data for the last 60 minutes
  • One-click installer
  • Simple and clean web interface
  • Undetected by the most popular anti-virus software – guaranteed within 30 days
  • Compatible with Windows XP and higher
  • Maintains itself in memory and on disk – can only be removed with a special uninstaller
  • Encrypted network communications with our servers

The premium version features all of the above with the addition of:

Legal notice: We are not responsible for your usage of this software and the information you collect with it – it is your responsibility to use this software lawfully.

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